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London, 1814

Lady Jane Langley values logic and reason over passion and emotion. Her intellect has given her value in the eyes of both her father and society. Logic gives way to terrible, icy fear when Jane finds herself in a devastating carriage accident… an accident in which she is helpless to do anything but watch as her aristocratic companion is murdered.

But this was no mere accident. This was an assassination. Spy and grandson of Lord Landsdowne, Gerard Badeau is methodic in his dark, shadowy work, knowing that any display of emotion could get him killed. Something about the mysterious woman and her cool blue eyes stays Gerard’s lethal hand. Now he has both a witness and a hostage.

And if he doesn’t kill Lady Jane Langley, he risks a fate that is far, far worse…falling in love with her.



“When I leave—”

“Jane, you know I cannot let you.”

“You say you love me. Then let me go and trust that I will not reveal you.”

He leaned over her, cradling her head, brought her mouth to his. The rough fabric of his shirt rubbed against her; she parted her legs to cradle him between them, against her, knew that she was tempting her own control, her own ability to make either of them stop.

Lady Jane Langley. She said her name in her head, repeated it again till the words began to hold some modicum of meaning. Langley. Jane. But his mouth was everything, a world of swirling colors and rich warmth, where she would never be cold, never be hurt, always be in the cradle of his hands.

She broke away, burying her face against his neck. “If you really love me, then would you not want my love in return?” She lifted her head again, challenged him to meet her gaze. “As your prisoner, any love I professed would be… false.”


She admired him and desired him.

“I cannot let go of you.” But this time he was not referring to her ability to identify him. She looked away from the tortured need of his gaze and stared at the now dark pile of ash. She understood that agony and confusion. Her world had upended and apparently his had as well. And though she had said she could not give him her love, her heart ached. Somehow, as different as they were, they had found something akin in each other, experienced some sort of communion of the souls. It was very like love. Perhaps it even was the seeds of such an emotion, but it didn’t matter. She pushed herself from him, reached down, buried her hand in soot. With her other hand, she pulled at his shirt, not caring when she heard the tear of fabric.

“Gentle, love.” His hand stilled hers but she slid her fingers around, took his wrist between her fingers, and brought it to her mouth. Lips pressed to that thin, sensitive skin where she could feel the pulse of his blood, she lifted her other hand.

“Here,” she whispered, palm flat against his chest. Then she lowered his hand from her mouth to her own breast, above where her heart beat. She met his eyes, still blinking away the wetness from her own. “In some way, you are right. I am yours. My heart, that ephemeral space the poets call a soul. Everything. But still, I will leave you.”


Publisher and Release Date: Entangled: Scandalous, November 2015

RHR Classifications:
Time and Setting: 1814, Europe
Genre: Historical romance
Heat Level: 2
Reviewer Rating: 3.5 stars

Review by Maria Almaguer

Lady Jane Langley is on her way to Vienna to be with her father, where she acts as his factotem, his assistant and organizer, even though he doesn’t truly appreciate her talents because she is a woman. But an unexpected carriage accident results in the death of an influential peer and she is injured.

Instead of killing her, the assassin, Gerard Badeau, sweeps Jane away, takes care of her, and helps her to heal. For some reason, he feels a kindred spirit in Jane – read: attraction – and feels compelled to spare her life.

Since the moment he had first found her she had intrigued him because she was brave, honest, and vibrant in the face of death.

Indeed Jane displays not a single moment of missish histrionics, despite the fact that a killer is taking care of her! I find this very odd, almost unrealistic; a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, no matter how hot the guy is! In fact, Jane clings to him and draws closer to him as he cares for her.

This man had been her caretaker as well as her lover. She could show him weakness because he did believe in her strengths.

Gerard is the illegitimate half-brother of Marcus Templeton, the hero of Lord of Regrets, the first book in Sabrina Darby’s unnamed series featuring the illegitimate grandchildren of one Lord Landsdowne, a crochety, powerful, and mysterious old man who is a member of a secret organization called the “Group of Eight,” an enigmatic and unorthodox group of powerful men who guide the future of England. He wields power over his grandchildren, too, as he holds financial and social influence.

Gerard was trained in espionage by a beloved tutor who was like a father to him in the face of his own absent parent. But this man also taught him to be an assassin, in addition to training him as a spy – something his grandfather never intended.

Now after this last mission, Gerard wants out because he also wants a life with Jane. But she is afraid to be ruined socially and so he tries to make himself worthy of her, even as it endangers both of them. When Jane begins to investigate the reasons behind the assassination attempt in a desire to reveal more about the man she loves, she puts her own life in danger.

But she had to know. Was there perhaps an honorable excuse for his actions? Did any of that matter?
Yet she was compelled.

I have read all of Ms. Darby books and she writes very well. Her writing has a spare, ethereal quality about it and I love her voice. But this book is much more slower paced than any of her other works; it has an almost languorous quality to it, rich with power and intent, but rather melancholy overall.

Lady of Intrigue is a good book, but not one of my favorites by this author.


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Sabrina_DarbySabrina Darby has been reading romance novels since the age of seven and learned her best vocabulary (dulcet, diaphanous, and turgid) from them. She started writing romance the day after her wedding when she woke up with an idea for a Regency. She resides in Southern California with her husband and son.

You can connect with Sabrina at: Website * ~ * ~ * Facebook * ~ * ~ *  Twitter * ~ * ~ *  GoodReads


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